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u мня již existuje :-!
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Ano, opravdu. A já jsem se s tím setkal. :-(
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A já jsem se s tím setkal. :-x
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Ano... Nám ешо daleko do takového... ???
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So not long ago people had just a great truth of Hakra can hack the game, there are plenty already, with which the program can even amater PC work. One of them is a cheat engine thanks to God for allowing us the most in games: Nostale, Counter-Strike 1.6 4story, WoW (In wow it is very difficult so I suggest a certain knowledge in programming.)

Still working on the game Metin2 how to circumvent hope of soon to work. I'll give you navod admit that it Nedam free ... To warn in advance. I will give you skype on whom you add me and deal. Say What you want to play nahacknout! And requesting grace, yet we people.

Perhaps I should zdelit much as I want. Zada sms in the price of 50 CZK More info on skype. :)

After you send it will explain how to work with cheat engine (money, there is a certain hp max .. in every game and infinity mp just not the same with damage .. etc)

And strongly recommend it to spread! :) The more people know the better chance of it aloud and find out GM's GF and then it will not work. :)

Skype: Retsugy